Science of Teamwork – NASA Innovation Lecture Video

Dr. Scott Tannenbaum, gOE's President, gave an invited presentation at NASA's Innovation Lecture Series. Dr. Ellen Ochoa, a former astronaut and now Director of the Johnson Space Center, kicked off the session. Scott's presentation covered the Science of Teamwork, described research gOE has been conducting at NASA, and provided recommendations for promoting team effectiveness.

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Accelerating on-the-job-learning – A gOE white paper

Across industries, the complexity and dynamic nature of workplace operations, as well as the constant and rapid influx of information, requires employees to continuously acquire new skills and expertise. Formal training is not sufficient – employees also need to be astute on-the-job learners (OJL).

Debriefs: An experiential learning tool to boost team effectiveness – A gOE white paper

Debriefs are a quick, yet powerful experiential learning tool for enhancing team performance. During a debrief, team members reflect upon a recent experience, discuss what went well and identify opportunities for improvement. They attempt to build a common understanding (e.g., about work challenges, team member responsibilities, how best to handle a situation) and establish agreements to ensure future success. Research shows that well-conducted debriefs consistently boost performance.