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gOE Launches Effort to Help NASA's Mission to Mars

gOE has begun work on a research grant from NASA to study team resilience and adaptation. In a previous effort for NASA, we examined the science of team composition and demonstrated how a team debriefing tool (DebriefNow) can boost team resilience and effectiveness during a mission.

In this new project we'll be studying deep sea saturation dive teams. Like space crews, these dive teams live and work in tight quarters (a small pressurized chamber and diving bell for a month at a time) and perform a dangerous mission. They must be resilient and adaptable, so a great deal can be learned by studying them in action.

The APA Monitor, a publication of the American Psychological Association, describes some of our research with NASA.

NPR interviewed John Mathieu, a frequent collaborator with gOE and a Distinguished Professor in the School of Business at UConn about the work we've done together.