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gOE launches “On Teams” blog

In this blog, gOE's President Scott Tannenbaum and guest contributors share their observations and experiences working with all types of teams – corporate, military, medical, sports, and even high-risk teams such as aerospace and firefighters.

gOE launches DebriefNow

The idea of accelerating team learning from experience is now a reality. gOE, The Group for Organizational Effectiveness, has launched DebriefNow, an easy-to-use web-based tool that enables team leaders, project leaders, consultants and facilitators to lead simple, powerful team debriefs that transform experience into results.

gOE at sea

gOE is helping apply the science of Training and Development to the cruise industry.

gOE is supporting one of the world's largest cruise lines by applying the science of learning to their training efforts. As part of this effort, gOE's team members observed shore-based and shipboard training; interviewed officers, crew, and trainers at port and at sea; and is reviewing relevant research findings and benchmark data to offer practical, scientifically valid recommendations and advice. 

gOE enabling the military to make critical training decisions

With our partners in the US Air Force Research Lab, US Air Combat Command and Aptima, Inc. we developed an innovative process called "Mission Essential Competencies"(MECStm) for identifying the competencies needed in combat situations. MECS data have been used to guide training decisions up to the highest levels of the US military and have been successfully employed by military units in the UK and Sweden.